Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solidarity Showcase Report...

This is just a breif note to acknowledge the success of the Solidary Showcase. We raised $222 for the AVL11 legal defence and brought together a diverse array of performers and audiences, had fun, shared talents, and raised awareness of prisoner support, the Columbus ABC, and radical action in general. Also, I emceed the event dressed as a cop named Officer Acab, which was silly.

I left the event feeling like it was a good start, something I'd like to repeat and expand. So we'll be doing that, starting with a special homecoming performance of Ulysses' Crewmen, at the awarehouse, with some musicians or something, and with donations going to someone's legal defense fund. Some decisions still need to be made, details will appear here, there and everywhere as soon as they're figured out.

Did you see this show? What'd you think? Comment here. We'd love to hear from you, cuz we believe in Artistic Transparency.

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