Thursday, July 22, 2010

Show 92: Sacramento, CA The Hub

MONEYs: $40
INJURIES: Kate pulled me up by my fingers, which sorta hurt.

STORIES: Best California show of the tour! Tons of kick ass bands! Lots of fun. The performance felt a little lacking, maybe because the venue was hot little room and there was a really loud fan, when combined with the ear-ringing from the loud noise music, made things a bit hard to hear.

Peter was back on the drooly loud set (which, honestly was only drooly the first two times) it was fucking great and LOUD in the small space.

Half a Highwayku (it was a really short drive):
damn five dollar toll
the drive is ov-

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  1. Hey! I was the lady with the blue hair. Just wanted to say that what you did was incredible, the performance didn't seem to be lacking at all. Definitely the highlight of the evening. Certainly I wish there were more theatre groups of your sort, or at least that more came to the area. I'll more definitely be looking forward to seeing you again anytime you are in the area.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear it. It may be a little while before we make it back out to the west coast. But when we do, we'll have a brand spankin' new show, so that'll be exciting. Keep and eye out and we'll possibly see ya later.
    Thanks again for coming and watching the show.