Saturday, July 3, 2010

Show 81: The People's Summit

INJURIES: Kate hit me with the gun, fortunately, it was a gun she'd fashioned out of sticks and duct tape, cuz we can't take the real gun accross the border. So it wasn't really injurous.

STORIES: That was a really good show. Performance felt great. Audience was great (if a little small). Attended some wonderful workshops on Venezuela, Empowering Women within activist community and The Beehive Collective. Also some intense debates on diversity of tactics and transformative justice. We got to hang out with old pal Kelli and her wonderful friends we met last time we were up there, hospitality!

Things we coulda done better: tabled and promoted ourselves more. Not have to hurry home and prepare for our tour so as to stay and participate in some g20 actions. As flawed as summit protests and actions seem, an acute reminder and direct experience of my powerlessness against state and capital might have felt better than the constant low level nagging feeling of powerlessness that came with not going to the protests.

Did you see this show? What'd you think? Comment here. We'd love to hear from you, cuz we believe in Artistic Transparency.

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