Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Show 96: Seattle, Teatro de la Psychomachia

Vanessa Skantze, butoh dance with the Death Posture
MONEYS:$61 + $17 merch
INJURIES: My kneecaps, the caps of the knees as the caps of soda bottles, has been spurred.

STORIES: (This was dictated while I was tired and driving, but not too tired to drive, as, I was driving successfully, not that that should be used as the measure of what's alright.)

We played next to a strip club. The line up was showgirls, dream girls, columbia fire building, building of fire, then goth show hosts. Vanessa, who's pictured above, was great. These people do butoh!! They also have an altar, which we didn't take a picture of, because, in the lineup of buildings before showgirls was a large baseball stadium and we had to park blocks away and left the camera in the vehicle. Things were dark and moody in a nice, charged way, folks seemed to be having a good time, occasionally speaking or slapping on the floor during the performance. I felt kind of strange doing the show under stage lights, as i couldn't see anyone around me, which made me feel like i was in some sort of ice dungeon, where sometimes faces would appear on the other side of the ice. Like an igloo, like a transparent igloo. Like a dungeon. Wow! We are sure still driving. Hey, look, a deer.

People seemed to enjoy it though, and that's that. Hooray! 13 hour drive to Billings.

Pete played his quiet set, which he added crackley voice to, which was a crackley change, so to speak.

Holy shit Michaud!
Empire war war war bad war
Holy shit JOHN MANNO!!

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