Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Show 91: Oakland CA, The Curch

TURNOUT: Questionable. If you go by the money, 5 people. If you go by the people, 15 or more.
MONEYs: 25
INJURIES: Ah, none, there was carpet.

STORIES: So we went from playing a house called women to playing a church actually filled with women. I've had the experience when gathering information for the Intentional Community of looking at different cities' statistics, like what is the average age of residents or what industries are the most prevelent and seeing the variables change, sometimes drastically, from place to place. And I find myself always biting my lip in anticipation, hoping that when I get to the gender statistics, there will be one city that just blows everything else away, that has the same fluctuations in gender as there are in age and industry statistics. Staring at the screen I think to myself, maybee this city will have like a 70 to 30 percent women to men ratio or 28 to 25 ratio with 47 percent of the population listed as "they do whatever the fuck they want." It's ridiculous that I'm always dissapointed when this doesn't happen.

Anyway, my hopes of having a venue populated by a high ratio of women to men turned out to be dissapointing. Not that there wasn't a high ratio but that this ratio produced something that made me want to consume my own thumb and possibly the remainder of my digits if there were anymore Miss Mary Mack hand slappy games done in conjunction with wearing what amounted to fancy pajamas.

Peter played his weird set. A few people watched him. Bass Haters were excellent.

This is what we found
busload of slavic grannies
a mailbox and frooot!

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