Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Show 97: Billings, MT, Pat's Place

INJURIES: Cranial Drill smashed his knuckle bloody during his set, but we got out unscathed, in spite of starting the show with being thrown down blindfolded with hands tied behind my back onto a few cement steps in the doorway. That's right, I'm nimble!

STORIES: Drove straight to Billings from Seattle, 13 hours for a 5:00 start time. Peter and Kate did all the driving, and I actually got some fitful interrupted sleep in the back, but was still exhausted enough to fall asleep while performing. That's right, I'm narcoleptic!

The show was really solid, a smallish but appreciative crowd, good cookout food, harsh badass noise from Cranial Drill, PCRV, and DCLXVI. Couldn't have asked for more after the longest drive of the tour. Got some good sleep and headed on to N. Dakota, the home stretch.

Peter played his weird set, with the bass and chains.

Got a bed in back
the sky has been ripped in half
now this fucking train
(fuck that fucking bitch)

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