Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Show 86: Prescott AZ, Catalyst Infoshop

MONEYS: $56 + $10 merch
INJURY: I will not cease to hit Ben in the head with the gun, on the other hand, he does not cease turning his head the wrong way right into the gun. Also, someone gave Ben a noogie at the end of the show.

STORIES: So, we pulled into catalyst infoshop, dropping Nicole off, and met some very friendly folks. This trait seemed to persit throughout the night. I always get a little nervous performing the show for friendly, welcoming people, don't want to scare them off or anything like that. We performed outside, in the driveway with motion lights, which occasionally turned off at dramatic moments. After the show there was a great discussion about the end of the play getting into morality and the many ways it can be defined. Speaking of morality, there were also a lot of dogs.

Peter played his acoustic set this time due to the outsideness. In the middle of it, dogs began fighting right in front of the table which Peter enjoyed. It was really nice to hear music and the outdoor noises at once, paying attention to the oddities of both.

Through desert plateaus
we crossed the marble canyon with
mean three dollar gas

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