Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Show 87: Bisbee AZ, Sully's Old Town Cafe

MONEYS: 71 + 46 in merch
INJURIES: Someone's ears. Cops were called during Pete's booming set. Nothing happened. Brian who owned the place was very excited about wasting the cops time.

STORIES: Bisbee is a small mountain town in Arizona that houses the happiest man ever, one noise dude and a few old men with facial tattoos. This town is great. The noise guy who'd contacted Peter about the show over email months ago just walked into the restaurant we were at and found us. Small towns are extra convenient at times. It was good to hang out with him for a while while eating delicious black bean burgers that held together nicely.

There ended up being a small but nice and enthusiastic audience for the show. Makes me think that next time we should take Brian's suggestion an ddo it for two nights, leaving room for word of mouth to travel. I always like coming here and seeing folks again. Great hospitality and lots of smiles. Bisbee is a place we'll likely come back to in the future.

The house we stayed at also had two goats, ducks, a greenhouse, an apricot tree and much more, not to mention the three kids.

We drove to Bisbee
extremely uneventful
just a few palm trees. (to be said underneeth: "yuka yuka yuk")

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  1. Who is "the happiest man ever"?

    bob the noise dude

  2. Brian at Sullies. Y'know, the incredibly enthusiastically joyful guy who was STOKED about the cops being called on him. Brian makes me want to live in Bisbee, cuz clearly if that town can make enough happy to super-charge him, there's bound to be enough left over for little ole me.