Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Show 90: L.A. at Women

MONEYS: $15. merch $9
INJURIES: That spot where Kate slaps my head at that one part, it's starting to kind of break out in acne. Also my hair is getting too long and needs shaving. In other words my personal appearance is suffering some injuries.

STORIES: This place was punk rock. That's about all I want to say here about that.

On a positive note: a couple radicals with some who just moved to LA from Denver came to see the show, and contributed 2/3 of the money earned. Pedestrian Deposit are great musicians and we got to talk theatre with Shannon and this other guy. Xdugef and Shawn McCann were also quite good.

Also, we dried the sweat out of Ulysses' costume on the uncharacteristically well-maintained front lawn.
Peter played his "quiet" set, and sold more merch than us.


Directions in hand,
Peter drives past the exit
Ben was sooo silly

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, ask us some questions or comment on it. We'd love to hear it becuase we believe in artistic transparency.

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