Friday, January 22, 2010

Show 51: Austin TX at the Salvage Vanguard

Turnout: 9
Door: 50 Merch: 6
Personal Injuries: Ben's gag got all crooked and now his jaw hurts.

Show Description: Back to the Salvage Vanguard. We played with the Waco Girls who did this piece that sort of followed on or drew off of the themes we were presenting. This turned out to be them blockading the door people would normally exit through with chairs and making them agree to and promise that they would stay where they were for their own protection. This worked really well. The music started out quietly as soon as I exited and as Ben tried to get people to untie him which gave a whole new ending to the piece. By the time he was able to get out of the chair, the music was to loud to say much, then the lights were killed and both of us could watch the audience as the tables were turned and they were held captive.

Also, Ben almost killed sombody in the night. There was a man in the road. We were on our way driving to Beaumont at three in the morning and there was this man in the middle of the highway. Caught sight of him from the shaddows of the headlights just in time to swerve out of his way without hitting him.

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