Wednesday, January 20, 2010


HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Nature in a goddamn boat! BOAT IN NATURE!!
We got out of the boat cuz Kate likes rusty junks. There were all these birds sounds, like giant flock of birds. But then, between the birds and us were all these gator ponds and tracks, so instead we scared a rabbit, who jumped out of the rusty junk and fruck us out.
We got back in the boat and we saw this thing. It's a woodpecker. Look close. Motherfucking red headed woodpecker! Also: cardinals, LOTS of blue herons, some kind of hawk or osprey, a weird little bird that bobbed it's butt when it walked, and leaping fish! Lots of goofy fucking silver-brown fish that jumped out of the water and then jumped out of the water again and then jumped out of the water again. THREE JUMPS IN A ROW!

What is there other than nature? There is also INDUSTRY.

We're not sure what this thing is, but it smelled like poison and ran long rusty pipes to a nearby factory. Probably a death factory, a factory for poisonous death. There were also all kinds of other nasty things polluting this nature. There were lots of plastic bottles with strings tied to them and heavy things on the bottom. What the fuck? They are probably some part of the process of removing living things from the water in order to kill them, cuz there were also lots of men in smelly motor boats engaged in such activities.

he Death Factory. Hurns.

Fuck industry (seriously, fuck that shit up, like Derrick Jensen style.) More nature! Look, a fucking alligator! An alligator in the water and we are also in the water. IN THE WATER WITH AN ALLIGATOR!

It was a baby, and it wasn't in the water, it was on a log, and we weren't in the water, we were in our boat. But our boat was in the water, and the alligator's log was in the water. That's fucking good enough for me!

Sometime we should go to some nature that is like this nature on a day when the sun is out and the nature is green and abundant. They have canoe campsites. CANOE TO YOUR CAMPSITE! Maybe also after all the industry has been sabotaged out of existence and also the men who extract living things from the water and kill them. Or at least if those men killed things for good reason (to eat) and weren't driving motor boats and poisoning the things in the water that they weren't killing for sport.

Imagine this scene with bunches of goofy silver-brown fish leaping out of the water again and again. Maybe they are trying to get away from the poison.


What else is there other than nature and history and industry? There is also CULTURE!

By culture, I of course do not mean the currently existing culture in the area, cuz that is all ramshackle half toppled shacks next door to posh exurban mansions, and it is unmentionably embarrassing to think we live in a country with such gross and overt inequality. No, I mean culture like Barbara Krueger was talking about when she said "when I hear the word 'culture' I reach for my pocketbook" y'know, HISTORICAL culture. Like this:

St Martinsville is the birthplace of cajun culture! And down here, that's the culture that sells. This is where the Acadians went when they got kicked out of Nova Scotia. It ran like a semi feudal society here in the middle of Louisiana! The nice man at the visitor center told me that the first rule of cajun culture was "have fun" but the plaque here seems to think it's "pay fealty to the church". Look at that snarky rector!
This is Evangeline. For some reason we're supposed to perpetually adore her. Okay!

This town also is home of the most photographed tree in the world. But we didn't take pictures of that.

In short: nature and culture in Louisiana seems to be having a rough time. When it's not being held together with duct tape it's being poisoned by death factories. I'd care more except that I'm just passing through, which makes me PART OF THE PROBLEM. hurns.

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