Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show 52: Iron Rail, New Orleans


Turnout: 9 Support: $17
Personal injury report: A mysterious and annoying flesh wound on the middle knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand.

Description: Another disappointing turn-out in New Orleans. Maybe we need to incorporate a marching band into the play. Or at least a banjo.

Kate channeled her frustrations (pre-show quote: "presbyterian housewives who've done NOTHING with their lives are better at community organizing than this") into her performance, resulting in a furious and intense iteration of the play. Some audience members seemed to consider this too emotional, unstable, "weepy" even. It didn't jive with their romantic notion of unflappable anarchist heroes. That's fine, cuz we're not into mythological heroics. We suspect their role is to provide symbols one can project their desires for resistance onto (thus sublimating the desires). We hope to present a flawed character enacting a flawed plan, we encourage examination, and the development of something viably actionable.

We know better than to talk any more shit over the internet than this and most of what we could say would come across as broad generalizations that don't apply to everyone in the audience, or in the city. Suffice to say: much of the conversation on the way to Memphis was about how to respectfully and constructively express these frustrations and criticisms of the anarchist mileau during the discussions.

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, comment on it or ask us some questions. We'd love to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.

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