Saturday, January 16, 2010



Nature on Monday in Savannah!

Nature, for only 30 minutes because we'd driven all day and the sun was setting.

This is the area labelled "alligator ponds" on the map.
Nature when the sun sets. This is also when the alligators get ready to eat people. And when we leave.

What else other than nature is there? HISTORY!!!

History on Wednesday in St Augustine!! This is a really old city! The OLDEST still existant European city in the US! That means there is lots of TOURISM here! But we didn't take pictures of that, instead, we took pictures of this fort!

This is a fort there made out of seashells. Look at this history! It's historical!

Enough goddamn history. Back to NATURE! Here's nature on Thursday in Gainesville!
Now it's time for real nature! Saara took half a day off work to take us to the nature!

Look at all these vultures! Holy shit. They eat dead things! And there are alligators too! The alligators kill things and eat them, but the dead things that the alligators don't eat, these vultures eat! It is the cycle of nature!

How many alligators did we see this day? Lots! How many are in just this one picture? Six.

Sometimes we got close enough that the nature maybe coulda run after us and ate us, or maybe just ate half of us and left the other half for the vultures. Fortunately, this didn't happen.
There were also TONS of birds. Crazy great blue herons splashing around.

Look, mom! Look how close to the great blue herons we got! Ha ha! They were just hanging out, not flying away like they do in Wisconsin. Also, wood storks (huge!) grackles, sandhill cranes, and (really too far away to see properly) whooping cranes, buffalo, wild horses and a big fat pig.

Here's some cute scaley baby nature!

Good night nature!

(Our next scheduled nature day is Jan 18th or 19th, where we will be discovering nature somewhere between NOLA and Houston, it will be a good time and we might get killed by a snake).

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