Saturday, January 9, 2010

Show 41: Johnson City, TN @ Projexx Studio

Turnout: 35 ish
Monetary Votes of Support: 67
Personal Injury Report: Ben: Elbow bruises, kicked in the head twice (once by audience, once by fellow actor), indigestion, Kate needs to be reminded how to do stage punches in the gut and she um kinda caught Ben in the zipper a little.
Kate: Knee cap accumulated more scrapes and is still all loose.

Show Description: This show was brootal! In addition to the long list of personal injuries we also played with Compulsion Analysis (fucking great audio visual assault) glad to play with them again and had some lip-licking delicious potluck food. Excellent.

Also, there were a bunch of strange internal things that happened, like during the show, there were moments when I would hear or notice the audience shift or adjust in their chairs which, being in a quiet room and at a bit of a loss for focus this show, made the self conscious part of my brain ramp up into medium-high tickish gear saying "why are you moving, oh no please don't leave, I will be interesting in just a second, just a second, I'll do something, alright, alright everyone just please stay in the room, I'm sorry, really very sorry."

Also, the gallery space was positioned perfectly to catch people who were walking by outside off guard. There were big glass windows facing the sidewalk and so we occasionally got to see people stop, stare and try to figure out what was going on during our set and Compulsion Analysis's.

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, ask us some questions or comment on it. We'd love to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.


  1. The performance was right on...and I assure you no one was trying to leave, we didi have several latecomeers and that's probably what Ben heard and couldn't see. Everyone was glued. And since, I have gotten numerous positive reports from attendees. Thanks Ben and Kate!!

  2. Kate actually wrote this one. She knows her paranoia is not tied to the real world. Thanks for the reassurance anyway, and thanks for having us!

  3. Having acted in the past I know how hard it is to remain in character during so many distractions. If the show had a hitch, it wasn't apparent to the audience. I felt that the eventual plea to the audience was well and subtly done, building the foreshadowing to the end. It also made me laugh inside a little to think of Kate running out of the building into the street strapped. Impressive and impactful show.