Saturday, January 16, 2010

Show 47: Gainesville, FL

Turnout: 30
Support: $69 1/2 of door (CMC also got $69) $26 donations, $81 merch. I think this is the most we've made on a single show.
Personal injury report: I figured out that the strange welt on my left wrist I got in St Augustine was a rope burn, because I got another one right next to it at this show. Concrete floor #6 in a row, but Kate's knees are fine, so it doesn't really matter.

Look at that picture. CMC has so many books! The person with the red and black checked shirt is Jimmy, who is awesome, works for the CMC, and lives on a farm. The person wearing the red sweatshirt with the white ties is Eric, who is awesome, he not only has continental philosopher trading cards, but can speak intelligently about them, and about coupons. He is married to Saara. The person sitting next to Eric, who you can't see cuz some dork in a grey suit is standing in the way is Saara, she is awesome and used to live in Milwaukee. She can speak intelligently about television, poetry and many other things. We stayed with Eric and Saara, which was super awesome nice and comfortable. The person on the other side with the grey shirt helped untie me and asked insightful questions about sexual violence (some others asked less insightful questions about sexual violence, but i won't point them out).

A totally wonderful kickass show. Everyone in Florida seems to want us to come back. So we will. Hopefully sooner rather than later, and when we can maybe also swim, and play Fort Worth and Pensacola and the other nice places we didn't play this time.

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, comment on it, or ask us some questions. We'd love to hear from you because we believe in artistic transparency.

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