Saturday, January 16, 2010

Economic Report: Winter Tour

The Ulysses' Crewmen tour (and all such tours) is not just an artistic endeavor or a conversation starter, it's also an economic activity. We try to make our economic activities transparent, and consider what we're doing a sort of survey of alternative economics around the country. For more on this see this post. For still more see these posts.

That's a chart of our balance on this tour. The big rise on Jan 10th is our shows in Chapel Hill. The big dip immediately afterward is an oil change and transmission flush. The big rise at the end is last night in Gainesville. For details, see this chart.

Transportation related expenses continue to be the most expensive cost. For the long and tragic tale of our vehicle, see these posts. The start of this tour the Volvo had 1237537 miles on the odometer. As of last fill up, we've put on 1546 miles, at 24.55 miles per gallon of gas. This is below average, but since the expensive oil change and transmission flush it's been doing somewhat better. I hate thinking about the car.

For food, we've been doing very well. Lots of very generous hosts who're happy to feed us. Groceries are generally peanut butter, bread, pasta, all acquired the cheapest way possible. When we eat anything other than this cheap food, or donated food, we pay for it ourselves, with one exception. In Charlottesville we were feeling perhaps a little overconfident and let the company buy us a meal at the Tea Bazaar. This was awesome largely locally grown vegan food.

We're glad to finally be in the black, but we've got a few long drives ahead of us, so unless things go really well, we're gonna have trouble staying afloat.

Also, our personal savings accounts are slowly but steadily draining, which will soon put an end to this touring stuff and put us back in employment land unless it becomes more economically sustainable. So, when we come to your town, please don't be stingy and if you saw the show but forgot or didn't have cash to pay for it, please donate through the ChipIn machine to the right. Tax deductable donations are also possible. Email me: or call 414 305 9832.


  1. We're selling scripts of Ulysses' Crewmen and Paint the Town (our last play) some essays, t-shirts, patches and posters. We've got some of the old commie t-shirts left over, which we occasionally sell as well, but they're mostly leftovers, weird unpopular sizes.