Saturday, January 23, 2010

11 Tales of Touring.

We're about halfway done with tour (as far as number of booked shows go) and so we're presenting this collection of stories and humorous anecdotes for you to get curious about. If you'd like to hear the full story behind any of these teasers, ask us! We can be reached via cafe, bar, sidewalk or public park nearby any venues we're playing, or via cellular telephone at 414 305 9832 (but we don't have enough minutes or tolerance for cell phone talk to really get into these stories).

1. Non-Capitalist Time. The story of a dead car battery and the epiphanic temporal displacement it caused.

2. Brawlin in Nawlins. The story of a black lexus SUV with nicely written ghetto slang on the windows. Who dat?

3. Beaumont Hurns. Is the niche market we're tapping so small that we've already saturated it?

4. Adventures in Commodity Indulgence. The story of pursuing the perfect tourist experience while deeply regretting any monetary expenditure.

5. Of Dive Bars and Exotic Birds. Good times in St Augustine.

6. Boredom is the Mother of Invention. The night we came up with a stand up comedy routine and a social studies curriculum. Both are genius.

7. Black Block Fruit. Our encounter with "The Bonobo Gang".

8. The Theatre of Contraception. How one night the Waco Girls re-wrote the end of our play (they totally outdid the bonobos).

9. Pussy Bar. What confused republicans think about punk rock, gentrification, and Dave Mathews.

10. New York City Oops. How Ben only forgets things when in the worst city to do so, but never suffers the consequences.

11. Disaster Brunch. What happened when we went out of our way for a vegan fish sandwich.

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