Monday, September 7, 2009

Show 9: Athens OH

Turnout: 10
Monetary Votes of Support: 33
Personal Injury Report: Gun broke again. The strap. We'll fix it.

Show Description: Wonder upon wonders, we have now performed on a porch. A little tight but workable. Later on, a gigantic spider and a small but hairy monster graced its presence as well.

At the Ecohouse we performed for a college crowd that was on their pretty much last weekend of summer vacation. Athens seems like a more developed version of Bloomington IN, more chain stores, popped collar jock types and restaurants like Chipotle, (which has always been a wonder to me, since the craze over chipotle peppers with restaurants putting them in everything from asparagus glazes to white chocolate cheesecakes seemed to have ended at least four years ago). There are still some good spots to Athens, including this Ecohouse we're staying in and the easy access trails and woods.

After the show we got to see a band called Whale Zombie in a basement with lots of crazy dancing and a cat that was a pro at catching cicadas.

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