Sunday, September 13, 2009

Show 12: West Chester PA

This is how we play a 375 seat theatre:

: 20
Monetary Votes of Support: 77
Personal Injury Report: Ben bumped his head.

Show Description: We got there late and left early.
It was raining. We drove in the rain. The rain kept raining. It rained all over us multiple times.

As the picture shows, we played at the back of the theatre. It worked out well. A bunch of people sitting on the floor.

Oddly, when Kate left the theatre at the end of the play and walked into the student union area with the gun still strapped on, no one seemed to notice. Not even the twenty or so sorority girls standing right there like upright stalks of licorice, red dressed and twisty haired. I have nothing more to say about this. I will simply wonder about the number of curling irons employed to create such grandiose wavery.
All in all, the show went well. Ben was sick, so that dampened things a bit, but nonetheless a good time.

Did you see this show? Comment, write a review or ask us some questions. We'd like to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.

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