Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show 4: Mess Hall, Chicago

Turnout: 40
Monetary Votes of Support: 12
Personal Injury Report: Well, though it's not a person, we found out before leaving for Chicago that our car was injured, and that this injury could turn into a mortal one if left unattended. That brings us to where we are right now, writing this post in Champaign IL waiting for Tim the Mechanic to intall a new catalytic converter so we can avoid an engine blow.
Also, Ben's pants recieved a personal injury. The zipper took a turn for the worst. This is the injury that led us on a journey to South Holland IL looking for a Jo-Anne Fabrics to purchase a new one, an Auto Zone to get a car manual we needed and a Radio Shack for a DC to AC adapter.

Guided by Google Maps, we discovered that only one of these three destinations we found online still existed. Empty lots, and more empty lots. Luckily, the Radio Shack was still alive tucked between two deserted bleached blacktop lots looking suspiciously similar to an unlikely survivor of arson, all scraggly and standing there saying, "well I don't know, I swear I had nothing to do with it, I just stopped, dropped and rolled."

At a loss concerning the zipper, we stopped at a Wallgreens and after finding out that they did not sell zippers and frustratingly only sold "handy little kits" of all kinds of sewing shit that failed to consist of the most basic pairing of needle and thread, we decided to rip the zipper out of an existing pair of pants and sew it onto the pants in need: a transplant. It turned out a little shoddy, but at least it works. Kind of like getting a liver transpalnt from an alcoholic. We have well wishes for the pants in the future.

Show Description: Mess Hall is an alternative economic space that holds workshops, education events, and lots more. No money is exchanged in the space. We silkscreened lots of free shirts for people afterwards.

Ryan Dunn of Instinct Control hosted us that night which was great. We discussed the possibilities of "Engine Cooking," which entails preparing food directly on the surface of a hot engine.

This would work great with VWs. Starting out in Milwaukee, by the time you get to Ryan Rd you should have a hot enough engine to throw an egg on it. By the next exit you've got it at runny, give it a flip and you're at over easy, let it go till the next one and you'll be at over medium. This concept needs to be applied quick given the lurking threat of electric cars which god damn them are only good for our short to long term interests.

If you saw this performance, write a review of it, comment or ask questions here! Do it! We'd like to hear it. Because we beleive in artistic transparency.


  1. I found it very interesting to see the reactions of passers-by outside the window to Mess Hall during your performance.
    People would double-take, and then do a silly sort of dance outside the window to peer through the posters hanging on the glass in an attempt to see what exactly was going on.
    Mostly curiosity, some had slight concern.
    The concerned people made me wonder if there was a possibility of a police officer joining your cast.
    Great show, I like the few changes you made, and I can't wait to see it again. and again. and again.
    Your Groupie

  2. Damn, 30-cents per ticket... That's got to count for someting.

  3. Mess Hall is an alternative economy space that prides themselves on everything being free. The idea is to see if a space like that can exist by "surfing on surplus" no monetary exchange is supposed to happen there at all, so we didn't ask for donations, didn't expect to get any. I'm sure if we'd passed the hat it woulda been more. The $12 was a few people slipping us some unrequested cash after the show.