Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Show: 26, Madison, WI

Turnout: 25
Monetary Votes of Support: 91 AND A CAN OF PEAS, Merch: 6
Personal Injury Report: Unscathed!

Show Description: We were very happy to be at Broom Street Theater. The arrangement was great and we got to hear Tim Morgan play another awesome set, this time with acoustic guitar, cymbals, butter knives, drum sticks, and lots of other stuff, throw in a pencil or two.

Performance-wise, Kate wishes she could have lost at a game of chess beforehand, thus making it easier to cry during the cryish parts. Maybe next time.

It felt good to do the show in a theater space like this with no distractions or strange things going on in the background. It's been a while.

There wasn't much discussion afterwards, so if you saw the show and want to discuss it with us from the privacy of your own home or coffee shop or wherever you are, follow the following:

Did you see this show? If you did, comment on it, write a review or ask us some questions. We'd like to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.

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