Monday, September 14, 2009

Economic Report: Week 2

We've survived a second week on the road. I've been online working on booking October shows and taking care of other shit for a couple hours now, so I'm gonna keep this breif. This is what economic reports are about and the raw data is here.

Payment Per Person (p/P) See this post for explaination of this.

Between 9/8 and 9/13 we performed the show 5 times for about 78 more people, and earned $217 in donations. That's an average of $2.78 p/P. The Cambridge show was donation-based and we split the money with others, so for the purposes here, we should add in that $40, which makes the p/P $3.29.

Last week our p/P was $5.89, and the cumulative is $3.73, so this week shows a decline.

There are many possible explainations. First, we might not be performing as well, or making the case for supporting us as well. Things started feeling a little routine midweek, which is a bad sign. Could be geographic, with East Coast people giving less. Could be weird specific circumstances, read the show reports, some were a little unusual.

I promise next week's economic report will be more thorough. So far we're just happy to be making money, and that the car hasn't gotten any worse.

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