Monday, September 21, 2009

Economic Report: Week 3

I'm starting to think that my metrics are kinda screwy, that p/P numbers aren't terribly valid, reliable or meaningful, given the extensive extenuating circumstances surrounding any given show. Sometimes we're splitting the door with other acts or with the venue, sometimes the money is collected at the door, sometimes after the show, sometimes the turn out is low, different shows are promoted in different ways. We'll never have a big enough sample size or sophisticated enough statistical analysis to isolate, control for, and find correlations between these variables. In the meantime we'll have to rely on gut feelings, guestimates, and instinct.

Also, attempting to do anything with this data is time consuming and eminently not-fun. I realize I promised a more thorough last time, and now I'm failing to keep that promise. As recompense I offer this picture of Kate victorizing some public art in Ann Arbor, where we spent our day off today.
Of course, we're still keeping track of things, and you can still check out the data for yourself. If anyone is really missing my vague attempts to make this data mean anything other than, the car has put us in a serious hole, which we are slowly but steadily digging our way out of, thanks to many shovels small and large offered by many wonderful people across the country to whom we are very grateful, then please complain and i'll strive to do better.


  1. If you would like to spend some time with your big sister when you come home, I would be more than happy to putz around with all your data during some downtime. I could even buy you guys lunch.
    Given your circumstances, there really won't be a realistic p/P number, but sorting it in various ways can at least help you steer your next tour in the best direction.
    I know it is not all about profits for you, but given that your "donations" for the most part equal "appreciation" I would think it would help ensure that you continue your tour to places where you are most "appreciated" so that you can keep going.
    Also, I had a dream last night that I won a lottery of some sorts and bought you a new car. Maybe I should go buy a ticket...

  2. Do not buy a lottery ticket.

    Do buy us lunch.

    We'll be in Milwaukee for a few days, definitely hat time to hang out.

  3. hmm... I am so conflicted now...
    What to do... buy 1/2 of a lottery ticket?