Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show Report 76: Joint Collective, Sarasota

Turnout: 40
Monetary Support: $88 ($3 merch)
Injury Report: Someone went partway through a wall during one of the bands.

Description: We got into Sarasota a few hours early and jumped in the ocean (well, the gulf, technically) which was a lot of fun. We're not really used to swimming down here and found ourselves having irrational visions of sharks and other large mean critters whenever we got in over our heads, so there was a lot of sand bar horsing around.

Then we headed over to an abandoned house that's been hosting shows and art studios for a couple months called the Joint Collective. Saw some great hardcore and metal bands, lots of young people hanging out and having a good time. After the bands, there was a short storytelling interlude, which sort of reset the energy nicely for our performance. The performane felt really fucking excellent. I love it when people are amped up from a couple hours of loud music and dancing when we start the show. There's more interaction during our little pre-show speech, and it then the stunned silence the first few minutes of the play inspire.

Three quarters of the way through the play, one of the more inebrated members of the audience said "whoa, dude, this is really intense" just before Kate ran right at him to "check the perimeter" he jumped and shouted "AH!" as she slammed into the wall next to him and dashed across the room again. The timing was perfect, and I had a hard time not smiling along with the laughing crowd.

We had some great discussions and crashed with Dave, who set the show up and hooked us up with laundry and a place to refresh our stock of programs. Overall this was definitely a highly suscessful stop on the tour. Thank you!

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