Friday, April 16, 2010

Show 78: Lake Worth, The Night Heron

Turnout: 22
Monetary Votes of Support: 87.50 (7 in merch, 20 to The Night Heron)
Personal Injury Report: In one of the few parts where Ben is supposed to be responding to what I say, he forgot and just sat there. Fortunately, immediately afterward was the part where I slap him around, so I gave him some extras.

Show Description: Woo! There was a small child in the crowd. Wildcard. This kid has genuine sympathy and also genuine dis-concern, it was refreshing. Banjo and guitar music warmed up the night, which I tried to cry to to warm up for the cry-y parts of the show. It sort of worked, until I thought people saw me and I stopped. The discussion went well and we got to see a bunch of snakes later on at the canew house. I helped fix their onion peel afflicted fridge fan and we got to sleep in a shack in what felt like a jungle.

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    Baby was running around the whole show. It was kind of funny and disturbing at the same time.