Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show 69: Detroit, Trumbullplex

Turnout: 22
Monetary Votes of Support: $82.25 (30 merch, 32 hat, 20 donation)
Personal Injury Report: Kate kept pulling out her hair during the show.

Show Description: A solid show at an awesome space. The Trumbullplex is two big old houses (biggest and oldest punk houses I've seen) and a theatre space. It's amazing. We played in the dining room so they wouldn't need to turn the heat on in the theatre space. It was Clara's birthday (she's the one getting a b-day massage in the pic). So now we can say we've done this show at a birthday party.

We did some pre-show experiments, that kind of threw things off a little this time. First, we got into town really early and went to a cafe/bakery (which had great bakery but not a lot of seating) and overheard conversations about an awesome urban beekeeping organization. Then we moved to a cafe/restaurant (cuz we wanted something other than bakery and it was too snowy out to wander around and eat peanut butter). We found the best food for it's price we've encountered in a while at Cass Cafe, and (this is where the experiments started) Kate had a couple drinks. She never drinks before the show. Then, we got back to the house and set things up in the dining room, Kate wanted to play chess (cuz it makes her upset when I beat her, which fuels a little method acting for her). Unfortunately, for our second experiment, she won. This (and trying to cram the audience into the dining room) got me flustered enough during the introduction that I forgot to put the blindfold on, which then snowballed into me missing cues cuz I was worried about what Kate will do when she takes the hood off and finds no blindfold. Yes, in spite of writing a part for myself with no lines, I missed some lines. Hurns.

These variations went unnoticed by the audience, who seemed to really love the show. We didn't have a big group discussion, but did have a number of really excellent individual conversations with people and felt really good.

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, ask us some questons or comment on it. We'd love to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.


  1. Thanks for coming you all. It's really nice that you have this blog so people can see what you thought about the show. We loved it and have had several conversations about it in the past few days. Good Luck on the rest of your tour.

  2. Thank you for having us. It's good to know that people like the blog, sometimes we wonder if it's worth the bother.