Friday, February 12, 2010

Future Productions!

Here's a little list of 5 potential future shows (well, 4 shows and one comic) to whet your appetite. Financial support (see previous post) will enable us to focus more energy on making these things happen. Otherwise, they'll be competing at a financial disadvantage with earning enough money to live and fund the projects ourselves, reading a lot of Antonio Negri and participating in this intentional community.

1. Mauser- an updating re-write of Heiner Mueller's updating re-write of Bertolt Brecht's best Lehrstucke (Lehrstucke = learning play, intended to be "didactic for the performers" The Measures Taken= Brecht's best, in my opinion) Our version will feature power electronics karaoke, with the audience playing the part of the chorus. It'll be didactic for EVERYONE! Cuz we know how much America loves didactic!

2. YURT! an absurd insurrectionary comedy about Mongolian invaders taking over america one city at a time (to punnish you all for hating didactic theatre). Performed in a traveling yurt (yurt= mongolian hut, like a teepee but less pointy) and featuring sniveling caricatures of local politicians from every town we visit.

3. The Demon Bargain. A series of related scenes written by anyone (and made available for anyone to produce) that confront our choice to sacrifice the entire future for our mild comforts through a demonical analogy. Jeff Grygny is responsible for this initial idea, and Damned Theatre (allies in Milwaukee) might be mounting it's initial production.

4. The Trial- A one man show about Maoist paraphernalia, the erosion of public commons, and the absurdity of the American judicial system. Based on a true story!

5. Ceasar's Ruin- A fantasy adventure comic book idea i outlined a while back (not a play, but still awesome).

Sounds fucking awesome, right? Please help out. Seriously, we're incredibly efficient and your small contribution will go a long way. If you wanna know more about any of these things, each has been at least outlined and initiated in some form. Just drop me a line at and I'll share!

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