Friday, February 12, 2010

Economic Report: Feb 13

That's the chart of how we did from Jan 1st until today. It's been an exciting ride. The first big drop around Jan 11th, was an oil change, radiator flush and drive from NC to Savannah, GA. The big incline afterward was kick ass shows in Florida. The huge drop off on Feb 3rd was when we realized that we'd worn our tires down so far that there's no way we could safely drive in the snow and replaced all four (then skidded into a ditch a few nights later anyway). Full details on the rest of this account are of course available here. Some description of what we're doing is here.

Now we've got about a week off in Philly, then we're back on the road til the end of the month. Right now we're booking a little tour back to Florida from April and a West Coast tour with Peter J Woods (and his more reliable vehicle) in July. We're still (barely) positive on this tour, which means the theatre is paying for itself, and we're still living on mostly peanut butter, oatmeal and generosity (much appreciated all of you!) so our savings are holding out well enough that we shouldn't go broke personally before July (after, it looks like we'll have to wrangle some kind of income).

This chart is the balance of all the tours and donations and everything combined (if the right side is cut off, it's cuz blogspot doesn't cooperate with googledocs inspite both being owned by the same corporation, fucked up, right?) This is looking better, but still doesn't give us much of a buffer (especially if the car fucks up again).

Here's another graph, which shows where the money is coming from and going to, roughly. We're also tracking some other data, but that's too complicated for googledocs, so we'll crunch those numbers and post about it sometime mid March. Thanks!

If you like this show, or like the fact that a couple crazy people are touring the country with DIY theatre, please help keep us on the road, and help us develop new projects by donating. Give me a call at 414 305 9832 if you wanna mail a check (and get a tax break) otherwise just use the little chip-in gadget on the right hand side of this page.

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