Monday, February 22, 2010

Show 65: Jamestown, Labyrinth Press Company

Turnout: A whole bunch, 35 ish
Monetary Votes of Support: 68 (40 hat, 28 merch)
Personal Injury Report: Unscathed!

Show Description: Labrynth Press is a kick-ass locally owned coffee shop and show space. Playing there was a great time, lots of people turned out, young and old, which was a very welcome sight. The whole space seemed to bustle during the show, people were pretty lively. It kind of almost threw me off a little--in a good way.

I believe we freaked out some people who saw us as they were walking by; that's always awkward. Also, my apologies to the guy who's coffee Ben jostled upon his entrance.

Did you see this show? If you did, write a review, ask us some questions or comment. We'd love to hear it because we believe in artistic transparency.

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