Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show Report 36: Cincinnati, OH

Turnout: 60
Door: $75, Merch: $29, Donation: $36
Personal Injury Report: You know that part where Kate wrenches Ben's head backwards, covers it with her hands and then while shouting "you shit!" slaps him across the face? Y'know, where she's supposed to swing her right hand past 2 inches in front of Ben's nose and actually only hit her left hand to make the SMACK sound? Yeah. She decided to make that part a little more realistic.

Show Description: Theater + Mosh pit! Fucking kick ass show! Glad we drove 1/4 of the way across the damn country for this one show. There's nothing like holding the attention of a whole bunch of punk rock kids who came out for hardcore gabber noise "short attention span music that sounds like donkey kong slam dunking my brain over and over again" (that's how Robert describes himself, anyway) for an hour long play, and then dancing with them.

Great music and committed performances from Mavis, Evolve, Realicide and Birth. There's a kind of genuine, energetic enthusiasm in this part of the country that I'm now realizing is also open minded, welcoming and expansive. Part of that might have to do with the economic depression going on in this area, when everyone is poor, nothing is expensive, and everything is exciting. On the other hand, someone was mugged on their way to their car after the show, and the cops shot someone else 16 times near where we slept last night.
Evolve is leaving for a tour today, find their schedule here, go see em if they come near you.

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  1. For any Milwaukee folks reading this- Evolve plays at the Borg Wad on December 7th w/ Stumblesome, Peter J Woods, and Jim Schoenecker.

    Keep up the good fight, dudes!