Monday, November 30, 2009

JANUARY (and February) TOUR PLANS!

We're gonna run this play everywhere and anywhere for as long as we can!

Here's our plans for January, including the holes in our route (as noted by ?). If you know anyone in any of these cities, please ask em to turn out. If they're a radical musician or other type of performing artist ask them to contact us, we're looking for locals to play with us in many of these places.

Full details for most show (addresses, bands, etc) can be found on the calendar right over here --->
If not, give me a call and we'll give you the tip: 414 305 9832

*UPDATE: 12/28: new dates added through the end of February!*

Week(end) 1
Fri Jan 1st- hurns
Sat Jan 2nd, NYC: Bluestockings.
Sun Jan 3rd, Brooklyn: 13 Thames

Week 2
NATURE DAY! Philadelphia
Tues Jan 5th, Baltimore: Red Emmas.
Wed Jan 6th- huuurrns
Thu Jan 7th, Charlottesville: This Litte Bird Studio.
Fri Jan 8th, Johnson City: Projexx Studio.
Sat Jan 9th, Chapel Hill: Nightlight.
Sun Jan 10th, Chapel Hill: Nightlight.

Week 3
Mon Jan 11th, Savannah: Wormhole.
Tue Jan 12th, Jacksonville: 323 Modernism.
Wed Jan 13th, St Augustine: Nobby's Sports Tavern.
NATURE DAY! with Saara!
Fri Jan 15th, Gainesville: CMC.
Sat Jan 16th, Tallahassee: Free Radicals
Sun Jan 17th, New Orleans: Zeitgeist.

Week 4
Tues Jan 19th- hurns?
Wed Jan 20th, Houston: Sedition Books.
Thu Jan 21st, Austin: Salvage Vanguard Theatre.
Fri Jan 22nd, Beaumont, TX: Barking Dog Cafe.
Sat Jan 23rd, New Orleans: Thee Iron Rail
?Sun Jan 24, Tuscaloosa? Memphis?

Week 5
NATURE DAY! Wherever.
Tues Jan 26th, Nashville: Little Hamilton.
Wed Jan 27th, Louisville: The Brickhouse.
?Thu Jan 28th, Cincinnati? Bloomington? Hurns?
Fri Jan 29th, Urbana, IL: UC IMC
?Sun Jan 31, Chicago? (hurns.)

Week 6
Tues, Feb 2nd, Milwaukee: The Alchemist
Thu Feb 4th, Sheboygan: Paradigm Cafe
Fri Feb 5th, Madison: Project Lodge
Sun Feb 7th, Chicago: Prop Thtr for Rhinofest.

Week 7
?Tue Feb 9th, Toledo?
?Wed Feb 10th, Pittsburgh: The Big Idea?
Thurs Feb 11th, Philadelphia: Wooden Shoe.
?Fri Feb 12th, Philadelphia: The Rotunda?
?Sat Feb 13th, Washington DC: True Colors?

Homeless for a week cuz we're subletting our apartment til March 1st. Please let us crash on your couch, it's too cold to sleep in the car!

?Thur Feb 18th, Harrisburg PA: The House of One Accord
?Fri Feb 19th, Jamestown? Buffalo?
?Sat, Feb 20th Buffalo, Toronto?
?Sun, Feb 21st ditto?
?Tues, Feb 23rd, Hamilton, ON?
Wed, Feb 24th, Detroit: Trumbullplex
?Thu, Feb 25th, Ft Wayne? Cincinnati? Bloomington?
?Fri, Feb 26th, Peoria?
Sat, Feb 27, Urbana, IL: CAN conference at UIUC!
?Sun, Feb 28, ???

If you're not in or around one of those cities and want to see us, tell me and we'll find out how to get to you. Cuz we love everyone and want to share as widely as possible, even if we go broke tryin. Thanks.

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