Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shows 1 and 2: Cream City Collectives

Night One, August 14th

Turnout: 40-50
Monetary Votes of Support: 124
Personal Injury Report: Kate mercilessly bashed Ben in the noggin with the gun.

Description: Success! The audience got it. The formal Brechtian tactics were described as being a little odd at first but then gotten used to. The night left us feeling a bit invincible. ~

Night Two, August 15th

Turnout: 15
Monetary Votes of Support: 15
Personal Injury Report: UNSCATHED!

Description: Wah, wah... Second night was not as energized as the first. But we did prove for a second time that we can in fact carry the entire set on our backs on bicycles in the dark, and were also asked by a pleased audience member if we like being who we are. ~

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